About the Author

Maisie Aletha Smikle, Author/Illustrator is the mother of three girls Dannielle, Kimberly and Abigail. The author writes books for adults and children, both fiction and non-fiction. Maisie has both a Bachelor and Master Degree and currently writes fulltime. She enjoys gardening, tennis, jogging, sewing, spending time with her family and homemade soup :-) Lift your bowl, Cheers!   


The author has been residing in  Daytona Beach, Florida, United States for over twenty years. In 2003 while the author was on her way to work she stopped by the Foxman Justice Center, located on Ridgewood Ave, Daytona Beach, Florida where she was detained, handcuffed and arrested for paying her daughter's summer camp registraion fee in the amount of fifty five dollars twice to Volusia County School board! Mr. Shantel Adkins, now school principal  attested to this fact, as he was overseeing the camp adminitration at that time.  The author contracted the services of a Daytona Beach lawyer Mr. Handel Glasser about the incident. After about two years had passed Mr. Glasser telephoned the author at her workplace, then Florida Department of Revenue located in Daytona Beach and stated that it was futile to pursue the case against Volusia County School board and he added further that he forgot what had happened, even though he had all the factual evidences that were provided to him, including wriiten and signed testimonial from Mr Adkins about the overpayment!!!


In 2006 the author's residential property located at 736 Fairmount Rd, in the said county, was extravagantly and unfairly assesed, per a divorce decree. The over assessed amount was paid to the author's ex-spouse and the the author was left with three children to care for and the added  mortgage cost that went from $50,000 to $165,000. During the fifteen years that the author and her family resided at the property an amount totalling more than $115,000 was paid for the property which supposedly had a $50,000 mortgage. Improvement made to the property included, such as, central heat and air, automatic dishwasher, new floor carpetimg, swimming pool, well sprinkler system, chain linked fence and gate, new roof, hurricane proof windows etcetera. In 2015  after several requests to Bank of America for a modified payment were ignored, Bank of America threw the author and her three children out on the street. Bank of America  took the house, furniture ,clothing and its contents,threw the family's grand piano and furniture on the sidewalk, along with other contents of the home . The author received no consideration for the improvements which were made to the infrastructure. Bank of America and Specialised Loan Services  kept the yard tools, jewelry, newly acquired freezer stocked with food that the family had just bought and other special memorabilia. The author and her three children were thrown onto the street with no place to go. The author slept outside for three days August 10, 11, 12, 2015.