Life's Inspirational Quotes

“Every day is a good day, not only Good Friday. Every day is a holy day, not only Holy Thursday. Be holy and do good everyday.”
― Maisie A. Smikle

“Wishes always find its way back. Wish others well.”
― Maisie A. Smikle

“Nurture Nature and Nature will Nurture you.”
― Maisie A. Smikle

“You can't change the past. It's already gone. But you can change the future, starting now.”
― Maisie A. Smikle

“Give thanks for the closed doors. Look forward to the open doors.”
― Maisie A. Smikle

“True beauty permeates to the core. True beauty radiates, illuminating and erasing all darkness. True beauty always shines and never fades.”
― Maisie A. Smikle

“A Day is Never bad. A Day does No harm. A Day begins and ends with the passage of time. What happens in between, is up to the hearts of humanity.”
― Maisie A. Smikle

“Husbands....admit when you are wrong and shush when you are right :-)”
― Maisie A. Smikle

“Add some fun to your day everyday”
― Maisie A. Smikle

“The tranquil waters flow silently into the ocean, but yet its never full. The raging blaze is quenched by the soothing waters and brought to naught, as though it never began. Peace ends a battle and Good triumphs over all.
To overcome seek peace and pursue good.”
― Maisie A. Smikle

“Don't just be you. Be the best you.”
― Maisie A. Smikle

“Always aspire to inspire.”
― Maisie A. Smikle

“Majority does not mean Right. Minority does not mean Wrong. Always maintain a stand for what is right.”
― Maisie A. Smikle

Be Kind. Be Patient. Be Gentle. L.O.V.E. Live Overwhelmingly Victorious Everyday”
― Maisie A. Smikle

“God rested. Was God tired? No. But He rested anyway. R.E.S.T. Rejuvenate Eat Sleep Today”
― Maisie A. Smikle

“Obstacles are not hindrances. Obstacles are stepping stones. Step on or over life's obstacles to achieve and excel.”
― Maisie A. Smikle

“The green grass that grows

The stream that flows

The stars and echoes from above

Are reminders of God's unending love.”

― Maisie A. Smikle

“From the roars of beasts springs forth praise
The buzz of the insects and bees serenades praise
The fish inhales and exhales praise
And everything that breathes praise Him” 
― Maisie A Smikle


“Walking with Jesus keeps Satan Running” 
― Maisie A Smikle

“Hmm...ah...Let's S.O.C. it 1..2..3..
Submit your lives
Omit sin. For sin destroys
Commit your ways 
To the King of kings
Yeah...that's it...King Jesus....123
Lets S.O.C. it now..
.                         Hmm.. ah.. yeah right now
S.O.C. it S.O.C. it S.O.C it 123 repeat....” 
― Maisie A Smikle

“A lit candle glows
Illuminating the space in which it stands
Jesus is the Light
Shining on the inside 
Radiating on the outside
A light that never goes dim
Is that Light that comes from within” 
― Maisie A Smikle

“Wishing you blessings of good health and wealth. May Joy and Peace be your followers.”
― Maisie A. Smikle

“Rush under His arm
And feel the calm
A touch of grace 
From His loving embrace
Be still my child, He whispered softly
I have heard your cry
I have heard your sigh
Come nigh, my child
Lay down your cares
And dry your tears
Cause your heavenly Father 
Has covered it all”
― Maisie A. Smikle

“Jesus Cares
Jesus Understands
And God is always in control” 
― Maisie A Smikle

“Faith conquers doubt
Love conquers hate
Good conquers evil
Light conquers darkness
Jesus conquers death
He rose again 
He rose again” 
― Maisie A Smikle 

“Always please God FIRST
All the time
Every time” 
― Maisie A Smikle

The inability to see air does not prevent us from breathing. 
Being unable to see God should not prevent us from believing.”

― Maisie A Smikle

“Take stock of your reflection. Dot the eyes (i's) Cross the tees (t's). Securely seal the foundation to its perfection. This reflection cannot be seen in the mirror. It's your deep, inner, spiritual self..your soul. When have you examined and looked at your reflection? When have you touched it up to reveal a brighter, better, more radiant you? Take time to reflect on the inner person, your true reflection.”
Maisie A. Smikle

“Nourish your body, eat right and exercise.
Nourish your spirit, read God's word and pray.”
―Maisie A. Smikle

“Don't resist. Don't insist.
Just Move over.
Its's a divine takeover.” 
― Maisie A. Smikle

The papers are signed. 
The papers are sealed.
The adoption is completed.
You are the adopted sons and daughters of the Most High God. A family.” 
― Maisie A. Smikle

“Jesus is in your corner
No matter how small
Or how large your corner may be
Let Him know 
That you know
He is there
And always will be
That caring friend
That you will always have 
Now and forever
Is Jesus Christ, Lord and Saviour 
xoxoxo! muah! lol!
He just blew a kiss right in your corner
Have a blessed day!” 
― Maisie A. Smikle

“Grace and Mercy hover
The blood of Jesus covers
The gift of salvation
Is your restoration
And a balm for your condemnation” 
― Maisie A. Smikle

“A rainbow symbolizes unity
The coming together of God's people
No matter the shades of green, red, yellow
orange, blue, violet or indigo
Each arch, with its splendid array 
Unites for a display
Without which, the rainbow would have vanished into obscurity” 
― Maisie A. Smikle

“While they proceed
To and fro, and
Come and go 
Like Spring, Summer
Autumn and Winter
Chastise, Criticize 
And Slander
Jesus still remains
A Wonder” 
― Maisie A. Smikle

Sow some good.

The soil is ready.

Your harvest is guaranteed. 

― Maisie A. Smikle